Yoga - Half Moon

Yoga - Half Moon

Yoga - Half Moon Pose

Muscle action : Stretches the waist, the lats and the quadratus muscles.

1) Stand facing forward, feet 3 feet apart, knees straight but not locked.

2) Place your left hand on your left hip and lift your right arm so that the biceps and ear are in line.

3) Inhale and stretch upward, feeling the waist elongate, then exhale and stretch slowly over to the left side.

4) Notice how you're extending the right hand away from the right heel.

5) Don't twist your body. To come out of the half moon pose, inhale and slowly return to the starting position, then repeat on the other side.

Note: If you have lower back problems, do the half moon yoga pose with knees slightly bent. Don't force yourself farther than you can comfortably extend. Just pull up and go over a few inches.

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