Yoga for Bodybuilders

Yoga for Bodybuilders

Yoga isn't some new age discipline reserved for dabblers in metaphysics, it's a powerful form of exercise. When practiced properly and regularly, its stretching movements can benefit the bodybuilder in many ways. Yoga and bodybuilding complement each other so well because yoga can strengthen whatever you do physically.

  1. Yoga - An Ancient Science

  2. Yoga - Arm Extension

  3. Yoga - Arm Rotation

  4. Yoga - Bridge

  5. Yoga - Cobra

  6. Yoga - Half Moon

  7. Yoga - Lunge

  8. Yoga - Lying Butterfly

  9. Yoga - Lying Leg Extension

  10. Yoga - Rag Doll

  1. Yoga - T Pose

  2. Yoga Breathing

  3. Yoga Cool Down

  4. Yoga Warm Up

  5. Yoga Workout Tips

  6. Why Bodybuilders Should Practice Yoga

  7. Simple Yoga Positions

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