Are Dumbbells & Machines as Effective as Barbells

Are Dumbbells & Machines as Effective as Barbells

This question demands far more than a paragraph or two, and the answer is both yes and no.

In general, the same muscles are involved when using dumbbells and machines as in barbell movements. Most machines also lock you into their linear biomechanical grooves, which can be used to your advantage when recovering from an injury. Machines are good to use for your bodybuilding workout when you want to focus on the prime movers and take them to failure without being limited by the stabilizers, whether they are performed exclusively or after more free-form movements.

Machines limit the development of stabilizer muscles, however, which is why free weights have long been known to provide strength and endurance that's more transferable to free-form athletics, sports and daily life. Another downside of machines is the risk of injury associated with over-reliance on machines that lock you into an unnatural groove during your bodybuilding workout. Despite all the claims of equipment manufactures, there's no perfect, biomechanical correct machine for every bodybuilder .

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