Shoulder Aches - Shiatsu Therapy

Shoulder Aches - Shiatsu Therapy

When the shoulder muscles are tensed up, they not only restrict blood flow to the head, but also restrict your range of motions. You may find that turning your head to the left and right may not be comfortable and smooth.

Shiatsu to the shoulders will help to relieve tension here and give you greater movement and mobility. The pressure should be just nice and comfortable, it should not be painful. If it is too light, the recipient will not feel any pressure. This takes practice and after a few runs, you will get the feel of how much pressure to apply. The amount of pressure to apply depends on the condition of the body you are working on. If the recipient feels pain, stop applying pressure immediately. Check with your Shiatsu Therapist or local doctor for advice.

Two thumb pressure on trapezius

Stand at a diagonal in front of your client's head. Put your two thumbs together. STart from the neck and move outwards. There are about four spots, depending on your clients size. Do not press on the bone as this will be painful. Put your two legs together and move your buttocks towards the massage bed. As you move towards the massage bed, your thumbs will provide the pressure into the client's shoulder muscles. Repeat procedure three times. Do more if bodybuilder has very stiff muscles in this area. When you have finished, work on the left shoulder.

Palm pressure of trapezius

For this technique, it is best that you kneel on the floor with the bodybuilder lying on the massage bed. Use your palm and rotate in an orbital fashion. Do this for about 2 minutes. If you find that it is still tense, then work on for a few more minutes. Work on one shoulder at a time. It is more comfortable for the bodybuilder.  Start on one side of the shoulder while your other palm rests on the other side of the shoulder.

Third and fourth finger pressure on trapezius

Rest your two palms on your client shoulders. Do one hand at a time. You can work on either the right side first or the left side first. Use your third and fourth fingers to work on the trapezius. Rotate in an orbital fashion. Do not press on the bone (that is, spinal column or the scapula). You should be working directly onto the muscle. Use your whole arm to rotate and not just your fingers. You will need to work for at least 2 minutes on each side of the shoulder. Work a little longer if you find that the shoulder is rather tensed up.

Caution : What appears to be a common ailment could be a symptom of a more serious condition requiring professional therapy. You may use these Shiatsu techniques at the same time as orthodox medication but you should not stop taking any prescribed medication without the approval of your doctor. If in doubt, you may want to consult your Shiatsu Therapist first before attempting these techniques. Alternatively, you can call the Shiatsu School for clarification on these techniques.

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