Upper Back Muscles

Upper Back Muscles

Upper back muscles development involves more than just the back muscles themselves. When you hit a rear double biceps pose, the traps and the muscles of the upper and middle back are dominant, but all the back muscles from elbow to elbow play their part, including the biceps and the rear delts.

The central muscle of the upper back is the trapezius, an angular muscle that extends down to the shoulders from either side of the neck, then comes together over the spine about halfway down the back. In a highly developed back muscles, the traps muscles will be full and massive, balancing off the lats on either side and clearly separated from them in back poses.

Exercises that specifically work the traps muscle include anything which involves lifting the shoulders - shrugs and upright rows, primarily, but also rowing in certain positions and some kinds of presses - and are covered in the trapezius training program.

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