Seated Cable Rows

Seated Cable Rows

Seated Cable Rows: Build the thickness of the back and the lower lats muscles. Seated cable rows also works the lower sections of the lats.

1) Take hold of the handles and sit with your feet braced against the crossbar or a wooden block, knees slightly bent.

2) Extend your arms and bend forward slightly, feeling the lats stretch when performing the seated cable rows exercise.

3) You should be situated far enough away from the weight stack so that you can stretch like this without the weight touching the bottom.

4) From the beginning of this seated cable rows position, pull the handles back toward your body and touch them to your abdomen, feeling the back muscles doing most of the work.

5) Your back muscles should arch, chest stick out, and try to touch the shoulder blades together as you draw the weight toward you.

6) Don't involve the lower back muscles by swaying forward and back during the seated cable rows workout.

7) When the handles touch your abdomen you should be sitting upright, not leaning backward.

8) Keeping the weight under control, release and let the handles go forward again, once more stretching out the lats. 

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