Lats Muscles

Lats Muscles

The most impressive area of a fully developed back is the sweep of the lats muscles. It is this muscular lats muscles width that declares to the world that you are truly a bodybuilder. And it is the lats muscles that are likely to first attract the judges attention, even when standing relaxed in the first round. The traditional V shape of the bodybuilder - wide shoulders descending to a firm, tight waistline - is dependent on the right kind of lats muscle development.

The width of the lats muscles is developed by any kind of pulldown movement, such as cable pulldowns or chins. The precise way that the pulldown movement affects the lats muscles is determined by the angle you are working at, how wide apart your arms are, and whether you are pulling down in front or to the rear.

The lats muscles are also evident from the front view, complementing the chest by widening the torso, with the line of the back muscles acting as a frame for the pectorals muscles. the lats muscles contribute to any number of poses, including front and rear double biceps and a variety of twisting shots.

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