Seated Leg Tucks

Seated Leg Tucks

Seated Leg Tucks : To develop upper and lower abs muscles

In all ab exercises the rib cage contracts toward the pelvis or the pelvis toward the rib cage - in Seated Leg Tucks exercise, both of these things happen.

1) Sit crosswise on a bench, holding on the sides for support when performing the Seated Leg Tucks workout.

2) Raise your legs slightly and bend your knees and lean backward at about a 45-degree angle.

3) Using a scissors movement (Seated Leg Tucks exercise is sometimes called Scissors Crunches), curl your upper body toward your pelvis, rounding your back, and simultaneously lift your knees up toward your head.

4) Feel the crunch as your rib cage and pelvis squeeze together.

5) From this position, lower your torso and knees back to the starting position of Seated Leg Tucks abdominals exercise.

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