Abs Muscle - Training Programs

Abs Muscles - Training Programs

Strong abs (abdominals) muscles are essential to maximizing performance in all sports. The abdominals muscle play an extremely important role when it comes to the visible impression your physique makes on an observer . The abs muscle are, in fact, the visual center of the body. Abs like a bronze statue and well-developed, clearly defined intercostal muscles.

  1. Abs - Crunches

  2. Abs Muscle - Beginners Advice

  3. Abs Muscle - Competition Program

  4. Abs Muscle - No More Sit Up with a Twist

  5. Abs Muscle - Train the Weak Point

  6. Abs Muscle Exercise - Do it the Right Way

  7. Abdomen Muscles

  8. Abdominals Muscles is Important for Bodybuilder

  9. Bench Kickbacks

  10. Bent Knee Side Leg Raises

  11. Bent-Knee Flat Bench Leg Raises

  12. Bent-Knee Incline Board Leg Raises

  13. Bent-Knee Vertical Bench Leg Raises

  14. Bent Over Twists

  15. Cable Crunches

  16. Crunches

  17. Crunch Exercise for Abs Muscle

  18. Flat Bench Leg Raises

  19. Front Kicks

  20. Hanging Leg Raises

  21. Hanging Reverse Crunches

  22. Leg Raises

  23. Machine Crunches

  24. Oblique Exercises

  25. Rear Leg Scissors

  1. Reverse Crunches

  2. Roman Chairs

  3. Seated Leg Tucks

  4. Seated Twists

  5. Serratus and Intercostals Muscle

  6. Side Leg Raises

  7. Spot Reduction

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  1. Trunk Flex Exercises

  2. Twisting Crunches

  3. Twisting Hanging Leg Raises

  4. Vertical Bench Crunches


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