Understanding Your Body Type

Understanding Your Body Type

There have been bodybuilding champions with every kind of body type. The top pro bodybuilders nowadays are so massive and well developed that it's sometimes hard to separate them into different body type categories. But go to almost any amateur bodybuilding contest and the difference between the various body types will be much more apparent.

Really, though, no top bodybuilders can be too much an ectomorph or an endomorph. His body would lack proper proportion, symmetry, muscle mass, and definition. Remember, bodybuilding is not just about building muscle; it involves the maximum aesthetic development of muscle. Lifeguard-type physiques (lean and defined) can be very pleasing to look at, but lack the mass necessary to compete at the top levels in bodybuilding. Thick, massive, super-mesomorphic bodies are great for weightlifters, shot-putters, and football linemen, but the aesthetics of this kind of physique don't make it on the bodybuilding stage.

Understanding your own body type can save you a lot of time and frustration. An ectomorph who trains like an endomorph is likely to over train and not grow. The endomorph who thinks he is more mesomorphic will grow, but will always have trouble keeping his body fat down. Certain principles of training are the same for everybody. But how you organize your training and how you integrate it with diet and nutrition can be profoundly different depending on what kind of body type nature has given you.

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