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Know Your Body

Know Your Body

  1. The Body's Structure

  2. Skeleton

  3. Can Sound Travel Through Bone

  4. Body Joints

  5. Musculoskeletal System

  6. Our Human body - Basic Muscle Groups

  7. The Muscles

  8. Mechanism of Muscular Contraction - The Sliding Filament Theory

  9. Blood Supply to Muscles

  10. Nerve Supply to Muscles

  11. Muscle Fiber Types

  12. The Motor Nerve

  13. How to Reduce Your Bodyweight

  14. Calculate Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

  15. Learning Your Body Type

  16. Understanding Your Body Type

  17. Bodybuilding Training for Ectomorph Body Type

  18. Bodybuilding Training for Mesomorph Body Type

  19. Bodybuilding Training for Endomorph Body Type

  20. Body Composition Testing

  21. Metabolism and Muscle Building

  22. Thyroid

  23. Nails

  24. Types of Foot

  25. Types of Joints

  26. Kidneys

  27. What do Healthy Kidneys do ?

  28. Enzymes - Not just for Digestion

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