Bodybuilding Posing - Side Chest

Bodybuilding Posing - Side Chest

How to do Side Chest pose

1) Stand to the side and go up on your big toe on either leg to flex the calf (the higher you are on your toe, the more the calf flexes naturally).

2) Curl your arm by your side, palm facing up, bring your other hand across your chest and hold the top of your waist.

3) Pull your elbow as far back as you can when doing side chest pose.

4) Suck in your stomach and keep your chest high.

5) Twist slightly to show more of your chest to the judges.

6) Try standing on the leg closest to the judges, bending the rear leg and flexing the calf, or standing on the rear leg and flexing the calf of the front leg, and decide which is the best way for you.

When doing a side chest pose, remember to flex hard to show off the muscularity of your deltoids, upper and lower arms, as well as the intercostals at the side of the torso.

Extending the arms and holding a stomach vacuum when doing a side chest pose lets you show off your upper pecs much more than a regular chest pose. It can be used in combination with the regular chest pose - hit this one, hold it a moment, then bring your elbow back into the conventional compulsory pose.

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