Bodybuilding Poses

Bodybuilding Poses

The front double biceps is one of the most difficult poses, because it tends to emphasize any weaknesses. In the second round of compulsory poses you are not supposed to do anything to disguise your development or proportions. However, there are certain conventional variations the judges will accept that bodybuilders can use to show their individual physiques off to best advantage.

When you does a side-chest poses, remember to flexes hard to show off the muscularity of your deltoids, upper and lower arms, as well as the intercostals at the side of the torso.

When you did a front lat spread poses, pressed in at the waist to make it look smaller and flared out your lats to get as much of a V-shape as possible.

The side-triceps pose can be done with the arm slightly bent, with the arm straight and body turned more to the front or to the side. Looking in the mirror or posing for photos will help you to see which variation of the pose is best for you.

The hands-overhead abdominal pose is one of the most exhausting. Bending your torso to one side and the other while flexing and posing your legs at the same time, to impress the judges with your quadriceps development.

The twisting double-biceps pose maximizes the size of the arms while minimizing the waist. The twisting one-arm biceps shot creates an aesthetic effect and makes your waist look small. With this pose, you can show off the inside of one arm and the outside of the other simultaneously. However, if you don't have good height on your biceps, you would do better to avoid this pose.

Another variation of the biceps shot: raised arms, wrist (not hand) into the waist to make the forearm look shorter and smaller, torso twisted slightly, and legs flexed really hard.

The arms extended pose shows the judges just how huge they are.

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