Bodybuilding Posing - Front Double Biceps

Bodybuilding Posing - Front Double Biceps

How to do Front Double Biceps pose

1) Stand to the front.

2) Flex your thighs and tuck in your butt as in the standing relaxed pose.

3) Lift your arms up into a double biceps position, flaring your lats as you do so.

4) Supinate your wrists (turn your hands in toward you) to get a maximum biceps peak.

5) To finish off the front double biceps pose, push your elbows just slightly forward to bring out the chest and make sure your abs are tight.

6) When doing front double biceps pose, hit the thighs hard and don't relax them as long as you are holding that front double biceps pose, and be sure to keep your abdominals flexed the whole time as well.

It may be called the front double biceps pose, but more than the biceps are involved - you need to flex every muscle, from the calves and thighs to the abs, muscles of the torso, and the pecs.

The front double biceps is one of the most difficult bodybuilding pose, because it tends to emphasize any weaknesses. In the second round of compulsory poses you are not supposed to do anything to disguise your development or proportions. However, there are certain conventional variations the judges will accept that bodybuilders can use to show their individual physiques off to best advantage. It is, for example, common for bodybuilders to try and minimize their waistlines doing front double biceps pose.

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