Yoga - Breathing

Yoga - Breathing

" The breath is the hub of yoga. If you control the breath, it actually has an effect on the mind. You signal the nervous system to slow down and calm down ... your mind starts to become more quiet; you can focus your attention better. "

This increased ability to concentrate will help you perform not only yoga but also reps in the gym more correctly. Enhanced mental clarity will carry over into the rest of your life, helping you to be more effective in everything you do. No one can accomplish anything without being focused.

If you pay attention to the way in which you breathe throughout your day, you'll notice that it reflects your state of mind. When you're stressed out - as when you're late for an appointment but at a standstill on a jammed freeway - you breath will be very short, uneven, shallow and fast. It'll also be anchored tightly in your upper chest.

Yoga breathing teaches you to breathe smoothly and deeply from the abdomen so that calmness starts to become a habit, even in stressful situations. You're able to sustain a high level of output without getting caught up in the stress of the activity.

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