Workout Order Does Influence Muscle Gains

Workout Order Does Influence Muscle Gains

Virtually any amount or type of bodybuilding training will stimulate some muscle growth, but to truly reach your potential, you must pay careful attention to the bodybuilding exercises you choose and the order in which you work on them. While the importance of exercise selection is obvious - pick the bodybuilding exercise that stimulate the most muscle growth and work best for your muscle group - the significance of their order may not be significant.

If you think about what happens in every bodybuilding workout and what initiates muscular growth, you begin to realize that fatigue plays a crucial role in determining bodybuilding exercise order. During the progression of a typical bodybuilding workout, fresh muscles become fatigued. Continued stress results in less weight lifted and or fewer reps. But fatigue also stimulates the activation of additional motor units; in effect, the muscle becomes more completely exhausted.

This knowledge can be used to structure workouts and place each exercise within the "fatigue timeline." The following technique of determining exercise order is simple and effective. It's based on the movements involved in a given exercise, which can generally be categorized as single-joint or multiple-joint movements.

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