What Builds Muscle the Most

What Builds Muscle the Most

You should strive for a "good value" and proper execution when you perform each bodybuilding workout. What exactly do we mean by a good value and proper execution? Basically, good value and proper execution are the optimal balance between out-of-control, sloppy form and overly strict form.

Obviously, you never want to use extremely sloppy form during your bodybuilding training. However, you shouldn't be overly concerned with extremely strict form either. You should look for somewhere in between the two extremes.

Many bodybuilders have deemed the quality of form to be the most important aspect of bodybuilding training. Some bodybuilder is having the rationale that lifting light weight causes you to train less effectively. In fact, lifting heavy weight is not beneficial at all if you don't use really strict form.

We are certainly not saying you should train with careless, out-of-control form. Even worse, we're not suggesting that you risk hurting yourself in order to lift heavy weight. Using form that is too sloppy won't work the intended muscle group sufficiently. If you get hurt while trying to lift too much weight you'll set yourself back both in time and momentum. Doing that is no doubt worse than lifting lighter weights.

There is a happy medium, however. That happy medium is performing each set at what we describe as a good value and proper execution. Lifting heavy enough weight to build significant muscle mass while still using form that's good enough to directly stimulate the intended muscle group.

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