Weightlifting, Resistance Training, Bodybuilding

Weightlifting, Resistance Training, Bodybuilding

We have been asked many times whether bodybuilders are really strong or whether their big muscles are just for show. The answer is that some bodybuilders are indeed strong but that strength for physique competitors is a means to an end rather than the ultimate goal. The athletes who are most concerned with ultimate strength are weightlifters.

Weightlifting is a sport which is judged by the amount of weight a competitor can handle for any given type of lift. Over the course of history there have been many types of strength testing and weightlifting competition. Today there are two basic types of recognized competition weightlifting: Olympic lifting (involving the snatch and clean and jerk) and power lifting (with three events - the dead lift, bench press, and squat).

Nowadays weightlifters do a lot of bodybuilding training - that is, they work on balanced development of all the muscle groups - but their primary goal is strength training. This is even more true for power lifters than Olympic weightlifters because their lifts involve a lot less technique, timing, coordination, and are designed to be a more specific test of strength and power.

The major difference in programs between a weightlifter's strength training and bodybuilding is that the lifter works in a much lower rep range. That is, while bodybuilders use less weight and do higher repetition sets, weightlifters are training to do one maximum rep in competition, so they frequently pile on the weight in their workouts and do triples, doubles, or singles to prepare them for handling huge poundages in a meet.

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