Weider Principles - Plan Your Training Cycle

Weider Principles - Plan Your Training Cycle

1) Cycle Training Principle - Break your training year into cycles for strength, mass or contest preparation, helping you to avoid injury and keep your body responsive to adaptation.

2) Split system Training Principle - Break your workout week into upper vs lower-body training, which results in more intense training sessions.

3) Double or Triple Split Training Principle - Break your workout into 2-3 shorter, more intense training sessions per day, resulting in greater intensity developed in each.

4) Muscle Confusion Training Principle - Muscles accommodate to a specific type of stress ("habituate" or "plateau') when you continually apply the same stress to your muscles over time. You must constantly vary exercises, sets, reps and weight to avoid accommodation.

5) Progressive Overload Training Principle - The basis of increasing any parameter of fitness is to make your muscles work harder than they're accustomed to.

6) Holistic Training Principle - Different cellular organelles respond differently to different forms of stress, so using a variety of rep/set schemes, intensity and frequency will maximize muscle mass.

7) Eclectic Training Principle - Combine mass, strength or isolation-refinement training techniques into your program often, as your instincts dictate, to help you achieve greater progress.

8) Instinctive Training Principle - Experiment and pay attention to results so you can develop an instinctive ability to construct diets, routines, cycles, intensity levels, reps and sets that work best for you.

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