Supercharge Your Walking

Supercharge Your Walking

Walk, don't run! That's the motto of bodybuilders who have discovered exercise walking. This form of exercise is not only easy on the joints, but also produces great aerobic benefits.

Studies have shown that walking at a 12-minutes per-mile pace produces benefits, though they are not quite as great as those of people who run eight or ten minute miles for the same period. Regardless of how fast you walk, this form of exercise increases high-density lipoproteins (the "good" cholesterol), which can help cut your risk of cardiovascular disease.

In comparison to other aerobic activities, walking is very safe, resulting in few injuries. When injuries do occur, they are usually the result of extra weights being placed on the extremities (which increase the stress in the shoulder and hip points), improper technique, lack of strength to withstand the forces involved in fast and long duration walking, poor footwear or walking on slippery or uneven surfaces.

Walking offers many benefits especially when done in pleasant surroundings. When you run, cycle or engage in other locomotion activities, you have to pay close attention to where you're going. With walking, because the pace is slower, you can take time to enjoy your surroundings. Walking through a park or a nice neighborhood can be psychologically rewarding as well as physiologically effective.

Other psychological benefits stem from walking in pleasant surroundings. Example, many people like to walk whenever they have problems or need to come up with a solution for something. When you are walking, your mind relaxes (especially when in a pleasant environment) and "wander". In this relaxed state, the mind is free to solve problems and get new ideas. Because of the relaxed state, walking is also used to treat people with depression.

Many important physical benefits can also be derived from walking. Walking at any speed is effective for burning fat and overall improvement of health. However, as with other aerobic activities, the faster you walk and the longer you can go, the greater the benefits. This is especially important for bodybuilders who might use walking and other aerobic activities to burn excess fat. By maintaining a faster pace for longer periods, you can burn the greatest amount of fat.

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