Bodybuilding - Summer Workout Advice

Bodybuilding - Summer Workout Advice

Although bodybuilding isn't a sport that moves outside during the summer months, most bodybuilders do take part in aerobics programs to keep body fat to a minimum. If you do a lot of serious running or biking in the summer heat, you may be sapping your body of precious energy. The three energy compounds used for aerobic training are the same three used for pumping iron.

What this boils down to is that if you spend a lot of time training aerobically outdoors during the summer heat, you will use more energy at these activities. This will really cut into your CP and glycogen reserves, and your body will require extra time to recharge its batteries. If you don't allow sufficient time for adequate recovery after a workout in the sun, you're likely to feel sluggish the next day in the gym or even be forced to skip your next bodybuilding training session to allow your energy level to rebound.

To avoid depleting your muscles during the summer months without having to remain indoors, try using a little common sense:

  • Do your outdoor activities in the morning and evening hours when it's cooler and you're less likely to heat stress your muscles.

  • If you choose to play in the hot sun, don't push yourself as hard as you usually would, and cut back on the amount of time you spend at this activity.

  • Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration before, during and after exercise.

  • Carb loading before setting out to play in the sun is a good idea. Also consume a sports drink that provides carbohydrates (in a 6-8% solution to speed digestion) during the activity.

  • Most important, eat a high-carbohydrate meal or supplement as soon as possible after completing your workout so glycogen can be replaced. The body revs up its glycogen-restoring activity immediately after the energy-depleting activity stops. If sufficient carbs aren't available to support the rapid resynthesis of glycogen, the body slows down the process, which then stalls recuperative efforts.

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