7 Steps to Sports Confidence

7 Steps to Sports Confidence

Confidence comes from knowing that you are well prepared. To help develop self-confidence and achieve challenging, realistic goals, incorporate the following elements of 7 steps to sports confidence into your pre-event plan :

1) Set realistic goals for yourself. Lay a solid ground for confidence by focusing on the following items: effort, skill execution, and the process of achieving your goals. Chart out a time frame for yourself, allowing ample mental and physical preparation before the season or an important competition begins.

2) Write down all the distracting elements in your sport. Think of all the things that cause you to be pulled from your focus in your sport. Write down how you ideally would like to respond to the situation. Give yourself energizing concentration cues or come up with ways to help shift focus back to what you can control. Strategies can include pausing and taking a series of deep breadths, using a focal cue to regain confidence, reminding yourself that the next play is the most important one you can make. Don't get down on yourself or doubt your ability.

3) Work hard to increase your physical conditioning. Train with the highest quality of effort, making the most of every practice session. Knowing you have done everything to develop your potential for performance is part of building your confidence.

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