Rest Interval

Bodybuilding Rest Interval

Energy is an important asset in bodybuilding and strength training. The type of energy system used during a given bodybuilding workout depends upon the level of training, the amount of weight employed, and the duration of the activity. High intensity workout might strain the bodybuilder's energy stores to such an extent that her or she becomes completely exhausted. In order to complete the workout, the bodybuilder must take a rest interval between each set to replenish the depleted fuel stores before the next workout is performed.

Strength trainers and bodybuilders should realize that the rest interval and restoration of energy between sets and training sessions are as important as the bodybuilding workout itself. The amount of time allowed between sets determines, to a high degree, the extent to which the energy source will be replenished prior to the next set. The planning of the rest interval plays an important role if one is to avoid endless physiological and psychological stress during bodybuilding training.

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