When to move on to Bodybuilding Advanced Training

When to move on to Bodybuilding Advanced Training

Once you have gained 15 pounds or more of muscle mass, put about 3 inches on your arms, 5 inches on your chest and shoulder, 4 inches on your thighs, and 3 inches on your calves, you are then ready to begin adding a greater variety of advanced bodybuilding training technique to your bodybuilding training routine, to train for shape as well as size, for balance as well as mass.

But this is not accomplished in one sudden jump. You need time to learn new bodybuilding exercises, to begin to understand how specific bodybuilding workout affect the body in different ways, and to learn to use these exercises and a wide range of new training principles to accelerate the response of your body to your bodybuilding workouts.

Since you gradually increase your workload, your transition from Basic to Advanced Bodybuilding Training does not happen all at once. The point is that if you want a championship body, you have to train with championship intensity, technique, and knowledge. It is a difficult task, but it can be one of the most rewarding challenges of your life.

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