Make the Most of Your Natural Abilities

Make the Most of Your Natural Abilities

Exercise physiologists agree that the following training tips will help you reach your genetic ceiling :

1) Change your training program as frequently as necessary. When your bodybuilding progress stalls, think of it as a temporary plateau. Change your sets-and-reps scheme, vary the rest time between sets, switch the order of body parts and bodybuilding workout, choose different exercises. The variables are so many, you may never run out of ways to break out of a rut.

2) Take a break to recharge your body. If you still don't make progress despite your changes on your bodybuilding training, you may be overtraining. Review your diet and rest habits before resuming your bodybuilding workouts.

3) Persistence pays off. While physical limits may be predetermined, we can control how far we'll go within those limits. A genetically average bodybuilder who trains intelligently to perform at maximal efficiency can outperform a genetically gifted "slacker".

4) Physical ability is not the only ability. As in all activities, proper technique can help overcome many limitations. Proper exercise performance, a broad knowledge of your sport, complete nutritional know-how and the timing of your bodybuilding training can help you peak on target - not too soon or too late - in fact to help propel you ahead.

5) Set realistic goals so that you achieve them one step at a time. Surpassing realistic goals is much more satisfying than landing upside-down because you stumbles when attempting to achieve too much too soon.

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