Increasing Calorie Use after Workout

Increasing Calorie Use after Workout

After workout is an important time for burning fat. To use this period to its greatest potential, follow these principles :

  • Workout long and hard enough to increase muscle temperature, stimulate the release of stress hormones, and burn those extra calories. While duration of bodybuilding exercise is important for fat burning, intensity is also important. Increased intensity adds to the caloric expenditure, increases fat mobilization after bodybuilding exercise, and speeds the rate of developing muscle mass.

  • Increase your muscle mass. Muscle is one of the most metabolically active tissues in the body. If you have more muscle, you have a larger "furnace" in which to burn fat. Remember, increased muscle temperature is one of the most important factors helping you to burn more calories during and after exercise. More muscle translates into a higher metabolic rate.

  • Occasionally, try exercising twice a day. Frequent exercise sessions decrease the efficiency of exercise. In other words, extra sessions increase the number of calories you burn for the same amount of exercise. Exercise in the morning, have an early dinner, then exercise again at 8 or 9 p.m. You will increase your calorie burning all night long.

Maximizing the effects of post-exercise caloric consumption will not make you lean if you are overweight or allow you to eat whatever you want. However, it is another variable that will help you attain the kind of body you want.

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