Get Off Your Bodybuilding Mass

Get Off Your Bodybuilding Mass

Is your list of New Year's resolutions already as long as your arm? Being the procrastinator that you are, do you doubt you will ever accomplish even two or three of them? crumple up that list and toss it out. And stop thinking of yourself as a procrastinator.

Granted, you do avoid working out. You find other things to do, you are too tired or you feel discouraged. Maybe you feel too out-of-shape in your tank top and shorts to go to the gym and keep up with the bodybuilders pumping out their reps and sets. You've let yourself down again and you feel awful.

But, like many people, you explain your lack of follow-through by saying you are a procrastinator, as if this were a justification.

We are sure that procrastination doesn't exist. Instead, when you don't do what you say you'll do, you have solid reasons for your inaction, even if you're not aware of them. This inaction leads to vicious cycle perpetuated by repeatedly not accomplishing your goals.

The following steps are a foolproof plan you can adapt to your lifestyle to end procrastination for good and focus on your bodybuilding goals.

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