Burn Off That Fat

Burn Off That Fat  

In order to maximize muscle separation, striation and definition, one must burn off as much fat as possible, To accomplish this, the duration of nonstop muscular contraction must be increased.

Traditionally, bodybuilders attempted to do this through aerobic work out such as running or using rowing machines, stationary bikes, or stair climbers. This type of work, however, does not and should not satisfy most bodybuilders who want to become extremely lean. This type of work does not entirely achieve the goal of burning off most of the body's subcutaneous fat.

The training methods we promote will result in the elimination of fat from the overall body and, more importantly the local muscle groups involved in activity. To achieve this, the number of repetitions per muscle group and per workout must be drastically, but progressively, increased.

It is equally important to perform the program in a nonstop fashion - to perform hundred of repetitions per muscle group per workout. Since it is impossible to do work of such long duration nonstop for only one muscle group, the exercises must be continually alternated during the workout.


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