Bodybuilding - Split Training System

Bodybuilding - Split Training System

Bodybuilding Split Training System involves dividing up your bodybuilding training so that you work only some of your muscles in each session, not the whole body all at one time.

In the early days, bodybuilders usually attempted to train the entire body three times a week. They could train the entire body in one exercise session because they usually performed only 3 or 4 sets per body part. But as bodybuilding evolved it became evident that more precise bodybuilding training system was needed to totally shape and develop the body. Different kinds of bodybuilding training system were required so that the muscles could be worked from a variety of angles, and more sets of each exercise were necessary to stimulate the maximum amount of muscle fiber. But this meant that it was no longer possible to train the entire body in one bodybuilding workout. Too much effort was involved, so that Split System of bodybuilding training was developed.

The simplest type of Split System Training is just to divide the body into two parts: upper-body muscles and lower body muscles. To hit each of the muscles even harder, you can further divide the muscles so that you take three training sessions to work the entire body - an example of this being training all the "pushing" muscles in one session (chest, shoulders, triceps), the "pulling" muscles the next (back, biceps), and the legs in the third. And various bodybuilders over the years have developed variations of the Split System that they felt best suited their individual needs.

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