Bodybuilding - Rest and Recuperation

Bodybuilding - Rest and Recuperation

When you plan a bodybuilding workout program, you have to be sure to include rest and recuperation days. Remember, when you train intensely you have to get enough rest to allow the body to recuperate and build both strength and mass. This means getting plenty of sleep (8 hours is best). It also means you need to pay attention to priorities.

If building maximum muscle is your goal, you will need to be careful not to exhaust yourself doing too many other sports or physical activities - just as you would have to be careful to save on a regular basis if you wanted to put money aside to buy a house or a car.

You also need to rest on your off days. This doesn't mean you can't engage in any physical activities on that day - you don't have to stay in bed or anything - but if you are running marathons or involved in Hawaiian canoe racing on Sunday you are probably not going to have much energy when you go back to the gym and workout on Monday.

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