Bodybuilding - Recuperative Techniques

Bodybuilding - Recuperative Techniques


A serious stretching session immediately following a hard bodybuilding workout promotes circulation and reduces muscle trauma. Some bodybuilder stretch between every set. This improves range of motion (reducing the chance on injury), helps flush metabolic by-products from pumped-up muscles and keep the scar tissue associated with high-intensity workouts to a minimum. Develop a series of specific stretches for specific muscles group. Use that liberally while resting between sets and after each bodybuilding workout.


An ample, continual supply of high-density nutrients, carbohydrates and protein provide the body with the fuel necessary for muscular regeneration. Smart-bomb nutrition is a modern twist on an old theme. Dousing workout-stressed muscles with muscle-building nutrients as soon as possible after completion of bodybuilding training. In the modern era, champion bodybuilders sip high-carb drinks during their bodybuilding workouts and high-carb/ high-protein drinks immediately afterward. These concoctions are liquid dynamite, loaded with growth inducing nutrients.

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