Bodybuilding Power Training Principle - Supersets

Bodybuilding Power Training Principle - Supersets

Bodybuilding Power Training Principle - Supersets are two exercises performed in a row without stopping. For extra intensity, you can even do three sets in a row without stopping (trisets). It takes a while to build up the endurance necessary to do a lot of supersets training, but this kind of conditioning develops in time if you keep working on it.

Actually, there are two ways you can use supersets:

  1. You can do two exercises in a row for the same body part (such as Cable Rowing and Cable Pull downs).
  2. You can train two different body parts (Bench Presses followed by Chins)

Supersetting within the same muscle group allows you to hammer away at that area and give it an ultimate pounding. You will be surprised how a muscle that seems to be totally fatigues will still have a lot of strength remaining if you demand that it perform a slightly different movement. To do this, however, you need to start with the most difficult movement and then go to one that is less demanding - Bent-Over Rows followed by Seated Cable Rows, for example.

Supersetting two different body parts, such as chest and back or biceps and triceps, allows one muscle group to rest while you are working the other, allowing you to exercise on a continuous basis, which is great for cardiovascular conditioning. We have always liked to use Bodybuilding Power Training Principle - Supersets to train opposing muscle groups because of the tremendous pump you get.

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