Bodybuilding Intensity Training Techniques - Shocking Principle

Bodybuilding Intensity Training Techniques - Shocking Principle

The Bodybuilding Intensity Training Techniques - Shocking Principle involves literally shocking the body, catching it by surprise by changing various aspects of your bodybuilding workout. The body is amazingly adaptable and can accustom itself to workloads that would fell a horse. However, if you always put the same kind of stress on the same muscle group, in the same way, it gets used to this, and even very intense bodybuilding training will yield less response than you expected. You can shock it by training with more weight than usual; doing more reps and/ or sets; speeding up your bodybuilding training; cutting down your rest time between sets; doing unfamiliar exercises; doing your exercises in an unfamiliar order; or using any or all of the Intensity Techniques listed here.

Change by itself tends to shock the body, even if the unfamiliar bodybuilding workout is no more demanding than the one you are used to. But you'll get to a point where you'll find it difficult to make additional progress without applying the Shocking Principle to your muscles in order to get bigger and stronger, fuller, harder, and more defined. One way of radical changes to your bodybuilding workout is by training super heavy one day each week, typically on Friday. We'd overload the weights on a couple of sets of each bodybuilding exercise to really train for power, then take Saturday off to recover from the soreness.

Remember, every serious bodybuilder should try Shocking Principle in their bodybuilding workout !

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