Bodybuilding Intensity Training Techniques -

Partial Reps

Bodybuilding Intensity Training Techniques - Partial Reps

Continuing to do partial reps (part of Bodybuilding Intensity Training Techniques) when you are too tired to complete full-range-of-motion repetitions is a shock method we have always used for almost any muscles in the body during our bodybuilding workout, and it is a particular favorite of Dorian Yates. Dorian has done a lot of training where he forced his muscles past the point of momentary failure to almost total exhaustion, using techniques like forced reps and partial reps.

Partial reps intensity training techniques are most effective at the end of a set, when you are almost exhausted. For example, if you were doing Preacher Curls, you would have your workout partner help you lift the weight and then you would lower it a few degrees and then lift it as much as possible, even if only a few inches; then lower it some more and do some partial reps from that position, repeating this on the way down until your muscles are burning and exhausted.

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