Bodybuilding Intensity Training Techniques -

Negative Repetitions

Bodybuilding Intensity Training Techniques - Negative Repetitions

Whenever you lift a weight using the contractile force of your muscle you perform what is defined as a positive movement; when you lower the weight, extending the working muscle, you perform negative movement.

Negative repetitions (Bodybuilding Intensity Training Techniques) actually put more stress on the tendons and supportive structures than on the muscles themselves. This is beneficial because you want tendon strength to increase along with muscular strength. To get the full benefit of negatives repetitions in your normal bodybuilding workouts, always lower the weights slowly and under control rather than letting them drop.

To work harder at negatives repetitions, first try cheating a weight up that would otherwise be too heavy to lift strictly and then lower it slowly and deliberately. Your muscles can lower a weight under control that they could not actually lift in the first place. At the end of a set, when your muscles are very tired, you can have your workout partner give you a little assistance in lifting the weight, and then do strict negatives repetitions on your own.

Forced Negatives

To develop even more intensity in negative repetitions, have your workout partner press down on the weight as you lower it, forcing you to cope with greater resistance. This Forced Negatives method should always be done carefully and smoothly so that the muscles and tendons are not subjected to any sudden jerks. Forced negatives are more easily done with machines or cables than with free weights.

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