Bodybuilding Intensity Training Techniques - Forced Reps

Bodybuilding Intensity Training Techniques - Forced Reps

One method of forcing out extra reps is to have your workout partner supply a little extra lift to help you keep going. However, we have never prefer this Forced Reps Bodybuilding Intensity Training Techniques method because your partner has no real way of knowing how much lift to supply, what you are really capable of doing on your own, and how much help you actually need.

We prefer a kind of Forced Reps which is sometimes called Rest/ Pause Training. You use a fairly heavy weight and go to failure in the set. Then you stop, let the weight hang for just a few seconds, and then force out an extra rep. Again, rest only a few seconds before forcing out another. This Forced Reps method depends on the fast initial recovery that muscles make from bodybuilding exercise, and you can use this recovery to force out several extra reps. If you rest too long, however, too many of the tired fibers recover and you end up using them again instead of stimulating new fiber.

For ultimate rest/ pause forced reps, you can put the weight down for a moment, pick it up again, and force out additional reps. For exercises like Chin-Ups, you can do your reps, let go of the bar, rest momentarily, and then attempt to force out some more.

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