Bodybuilding Intensity Training Techniques -

Cheating Method

Bodybuilding Intensity Training Techniques - Cheating Method

The Cheating Method (Bodybuilding Intensity Training Techniques) is an exception to the general rule that strict technique is necessary in bodybuilding. This kind of cheating doesn't involve using sloppy training technique. It is a method in which you deliberately use other muscles or muscle groups to work in cooperation with the target muscles. Cheating Method is not something you should do all the time, but it is very useful for achieving certain specific bodybuilding goals.

Say you are doing a heavy Barbell Curl. You curl the weight up five or six times, and then find you are too tired to continue to do strict reps. At this point you begin to use your shoulders and back to help in the lift slightly so that you can do another 4 or 5 reps. But you cheat just enough so that you can continue the set, and your biceps continue to work as hard as they can. By cheating, you have forced the biceps to do more reps than they could have done without the help from the other muscles, so you have put more stress on them, not less.

Cheating Method is used to make the exercise harder, not easier. It is also a way of doing forced reps without the help of a training partner. But to make cheat reps work, you have to concentrate on making sure that the extra effort being applied by the other muscles is just enough and not too much, so that the target muscles are still being forced to contract to the max.

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