Bodybuilding - Increasing Training Intensity

Bodybuilding - Increasing Training Intensity

Intensity is the key to making progressive bodybuilding resistance training work for you. What is intensity? One kind involves how hard you feel yourself trying. That is intensity of effort. Another is the amount of stimulation you are able to deliver to the muscles, causing them to respond and develop. This is intensity of effect. It is important to realize the difference between these two types of intensity, otherwise you are likely to just keep trying harder (often to the point of bodybuilding injury) rather than mastering the type of intensity techniques that produced maximum bodybuilding training progress.

Increasing bodybuilding training intensity in the beginning is not that difficult. You learn to do more bodybuilding exercises and how to do them correctly; you get stronger and in better condition so you can work harder and longer and put more stress on your muscles. Once your body gets used to this effort, however, it becomes more difficult to continue to escalate intensity at the same rate.

Obviously, if you take long rest periods and train very slowly, so it takes your half the day to get through your bodybuilding workout, the actual intensity of your efforts will be minimal. Time, therefore, is an important factor in increasing training intensity. By manipulating time, you can increase intensity in two basic ways: 1) by doing the same amount of work in less time; and 2) by doing an increased amount of work in the same time.

But the most obvious way to increase bodybuilding workload is simply to train with more weight. Another valuable method is to cut down on rest periods between sets and try doing two or three bodybuilding exercises in a row without stopping. This puts greater demand on your powers of endurance. Endurance, like strength, is something that can be developed in a progressive manner, a little at a time. You should also work at the fastest pace you are capable of without getting sloppy in your technique. This will help you to do the maximum amount of work in the minimum amount of time.

Beyond increasing bodybuilding training intensity by manipulating time or adding weight, there are a number of special training techniques that can help ensure your progress in the advanced training and competition bodybuilding training programs. These all involve methods of putting extra, unusual, or unexpected stress on the muscles, thereby forcing them to adapt to the increased demand.

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