Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise

What is the benefits of exercise ?

Exercise for people aged 60, 70, 80 and older is just as important as exercise for the young - maybe even more important. The high level of fitness resulting from regular exercise helps reduce the potential for degenerative disease and maintains our vitality as we age.

- Exercise slows the natural decline of aerobic capacity. Aerobic exercise a few times a week over a lifetime can cut the normal decline in cardio respiratory capacity in half.

- Exercise helps maintain your ability to function and live independently

- Bodybuilding improves muscle strength, increases resistance to fatigue and increases bone mineral content, which lowers the risk and severity of osteoporosis.

- Regular exercise lowers your risk for cardiovascular disease by helping to lower blood pressure, decrease body fat, improve circulation and reduce LDL cholesterol.

- The reduction of stress and the improvement in psychological well-being and self-esteem may be the greatest benefits of all.

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