Bodybuilding - Are your Gains On Hold

Bodybuilding - Are your Gains On Hold

The science of muscular recuperation is as important as bodybuilding itself. Recuperation, in the narrow scientific sense, is the time it takes you to recover from high-intensity weight training. Recuperation, in the broad athletic sense, is everything you do in between sessions to hasten that recovery. We want to understand recovery in the narrow sense and incorporate methods that accelerate its onset in the broad sense. Optimally, an athlete with a good grasp of recuperative techniques can train harder, longer and more often than his or her competitors. With an arsenal of recuperative techniques, the knowledgeable bodybuilder can drastically reduce the time the body requires to recover from high-intensity bodybuilding workout.

What would the ideal recuperative process look like? Let's lay down the ultimate recuperative agenda for an imaginary bodybuilder. He starts the recuperative process during the weight session by sipping a high-protein / high-carb / low-fat drink as he trains. This starts the replenishment cycle, aiding recuperation. He diligently stretches and performs some self-administered massage between sets to keep metabolic by-products from collecting in the muscle. He takes 10 full minutes at the conclusion of his workout to stretch the muscles just worked, reducing post-workout muscular micro trauma.

He then strolls to the locker room, where a masseur gives him a 20-minute deep-tissue massage. The athlete then sits in the sauna for 15 minutes and finished the gym phase of his process with a refreshing 20-minute swim in the club pool.

After showering and dressing, he stops for a hearty high-protein / high-carb / low-fat meal on his way home from gym. Following an hour nap at home, he continues the process throughout the day (and night) with sound eating, tranquil thoughts and a serious aerobic program. He meditates and gets regular chiropractic adjustments. He doesn't smoke and has only an occasional beer. Because of his attention to recuperation, he is able to train harder, longer and more often. His progress is reflective of his commitment - astronomical.

What you do in between bodybuilding sessions is just as important as what you do in those sessions. Do the right things and you can magnify bodybuilding gains - do the wrong things and negate all your hard work. The science of recuperation is a series of systemized techniques, methods and strategies that hasten muscular recovery and growth.

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