Bodybuilding - 10 Biggest Recuperation Mistakes

Bodybuilding - 10 Biggest Recuperation Mistakes

1.  OVERTRAINING - Too much of a Good Thing

The main offender. Bodybuilding is a subtle balance between doing enough to stimulate gains and not so much that it retards progress. Overtraining can have many causes. The most common are directly related to weight training frequency. Allow rest days between bodybuilding sessions and forget about the double-split, twice-a-day, six-days-a-week routines used by the champs. Among the top pros, most are limiting individual body part training to one time per week. Sometime less is good ! think of it ...

2.  SESSION LENGTH - Longer is not Better

Session length is easy. Limit yourself to 30-90 minutes per session - period. 2 hour workouts will drag you into the black hole of overtraining. The body has a finite amount of energy at a given time. The idea is to assess your energy capacity and work right up to that capacity without crossing the yellow median strip into oncoming traffic. Do not confuse overtraining or session length with intensity. Intensity is how hard we work. We want to exceed our momentary work capacity through intensity; that is where the muscular gains lie. If we work with the requisite intensity, our session lengths will be short. If you bust-ass with 110% intensity, you cannot go very long. If you can, you're holding back.

3.  INADEQUATE REST - Sleep Big, Eat Big, Lift Big

This is a no-brainer. If you're getting inadequate sleep, you have no business training hard and heavy; which, incidentally, is the only type of training that will provide the gains you seek. during the sleep cycle, the body regenerates itself. If you deny that regeneration period you will not grow because you will not fully recover. "Lift big, eat big, sleep big" - this is truly the golden rule of growth. Inadequate rest is a recipe for muscular disaster.

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