Why Triceps Muscles is Important ?

Why Triceps Muscles is Important ?

The triceps muscles is a larger muscle mass than the biceps muscles, and it needs training from more angles. Like the biceps muscles, the triceps muscles have to look good from any view. But unlike the biceps muscles, the triceps muscles need to make your arm look big, massive, and impressive when your arms are not flexed as well.

The triceps muscles need to be developed in such a way that they look good when you do a side triceps shot, a front or rear biceps shot, or pose with your arms raised overhead or held straight out. Imagine doing a rear lat shot and how effective good triceps muscles can be from that angle. Or a most muscular pose, with the triceps muscles sticking out right from the elbow and continuing on to the rear deltoid. Or a front abdominal shot where your hands are behind your head.

While it is possible to hide weak biceps to some extent, weak triceps are obvious in almost any pose. When the judges look at you standing relaxed in round one they will know immediately if you have good triceps muscles or not.

However, just as with other body parts, there is a difference between big triceps and good triceps muscles. Every part of this relatively complex muscle needs to be fully developed. When your arms hang, the triceps muscles need to be evident all the way from the elbow to the rear deltoid. When they are flexed, each of the heads must be fully shaped, separated, and distinct.

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