Triceps Muscle Workout - Advanced

Triceps Muscle Workout - Advanced

Advanced triceps muscle training is demanding and at times is brutally hard. One primary advantage is that, by building up to this level gradually, you increase your tolerance for intense exercise to the point where your triceps muscles don't wilt under the increased workload, but actually thrive on it. An advanced bodybuilder should perform three different exercises - at this point, he should be in tune with his body to pick his own - and hit the triceps muscle hard. Below is the routine :


EXERCISE                                 SETS*                                  REPS

Press Down                           4                               10-12

Lying EZ-Bar French Press      4                               10-12

Dumbbell Kickback                 4                               10-12


Cable Extension with Rope      4                               10-12

One Arm Reverse Grip

Cable Press Down                   4                               10-12

* Does not include warm-up sets with light weights and high reps.

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