Triceps Muscles - Weak Point Training

Triceps Muscle - Weak Point Training

If you have a weak point with the triceps muscles, it is advisable to train the triceps muscle according to the Priority Principle, working triceps muscles first, when your are fresh.

We found that supersetting triceps exercises, going right from one to the other, was another way of getting extra triceps muscles development. We would first do a few sets to pump up the biceps, which creates a "cushioning" effect, and then really blast the triceps muscles. After the superset we would continue to flex and pose the triceps muscle, never giving them any relief.

If triceps are an especially weak point for you. We recommend changing your program so that you train them by themselves from time to time, allowing you to concentrate only on the back of the arms to totally shock and stimulate the triceps muscles. To overcome specific weak point, do perform the following triceps exercises:

For mass

Use a heavy weight in each triceps exercises :

Close grip barbell presses

weighted dips

dips behind the back

For mass and upper triceps muscles

cable pressdowns and one-arm cable pressdowns (regular and reverse grip)



Do all triceps exercises strictly so that you really flex them totally, concentrating on locking out on each movement. Use the peak contraction principle, holding the full contraction for a few moments at the top of each repetition.

For mass and lower triceps muscles

weighted dips

dips behind the back - doing partial reps in which you go all the way down, but come up only about three-quarters of the way (and not locking out) to keep the lower area of the triceps under stress the whole time (the more your arm is bent, the more your lower triceps takes up the stress)

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