Triceps Muscles - Competition Training

Triceps Muscles - Competition Training

Until you have seen a top-rated bodybuilder in shape for competition hitting a triceps shot, you probably have no idea what the triceps muscles structure is supposed to look like. It is, in fact, almost like a horseshoe that curves up from the elbow, separated clearly from the deltoids above it and the biceps on the other side of the arm. In a bodybuilder, triceps muscles can be awesome.

The competition training, which will help you achieve this kind of look in your own physique, uses additional exercises beside those you have already learned, and a lot of time-intensive supersets to create the maximum training intensity.

Exercises like Cable Pressdowns, Kickbacks, Close-Grip Presses, and Dips tend to fully work the triceps muscles. Almost any triceps exercise will help develop the lower part of the triceps muscle if you work only the lower range of motion. Take hold of the weight and bend your elbows, stretching the triceps muscles as fully as possible. Then start to straighten out your arms, but stop after going through only a bout a third of the range of motion. Go back and forth just through this partial range and you effectively work the lower area.

For upper triceps muscles, completely lock out your arms on any triceps exercise and hold this contraction for 3 or 4 seconds, tensing the muscle isometrically. Following your set, pose and tense the triceps muscle while your training partner does his set and you will get even more response from the upper triceps muscles.

The triceps rotates the wrist in opposition to the biceps. Just as you twisted the wrist outward in biceps exercises, you should do some triceps exercises in which you twist the wrist in the opposite direction. This will give you complete contraction of the triceps muscle. Behind-the-neck Dumbbell Extensions and One-Arm Cable Pressdowns are exercises for this purpose.

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