Triceps Muscles - Beginning and Advanced Programs

Triceps Muscles - Beginning and Advanced Programs

The first step in training triceps muscles is to build up the mass and strength of the muscle structure. This means doing the basic triceps press and extension movements, gradually adding more and more weight until the area begins to respond. Different kinds of presses and extensions are designed to develop specific areas of the triceps muscles. But there are also techniques you can use to maximize your triceps training. Remember that anytime you straighten your arm against resistance - whether you are specifically doing triceps training or not- you will involve the triceps muscles.

In most cases, muscle mass and strength are enhanced by employing a cheating technique, but you don't need to cheat in order to put extra stress on the triceps muscles. With all the effort you expend doing power training with Bench Presses, Dumbbell Presses, and Shoulder Presses, you are already putting an enormous strain on the triceps area.

Even though the triceps muscles are involved in a wide range of different exercises, it is also necessary, especially as you become more advanced, to isolate the heads and put the stress on each part directly to make certain you get full development of the muscle structure. For this, try to use barbells, dumbbells, and cables to perform triceps extension exercises, each of which tends to hit a different area of the triceps muscles.

Proportions and bone structure of individual bodybuilders will make it easier for some to develop good triceps muscles. When doing Triceps Pressdowns, it is easy for some to isolate the triceps muscles, while others with different proportions and muscle attachments will find themselves involving the pectorals or even the lats instead of just the triceps muscles. You see this a lot when some bodybuilders try to do Triceps Pressdowns and end up with a good chest pump. In a case like this, learning to totally isolate the triceps muscles becomes extremely important, and can be accomplished by doing One-Arm Triceps Extensions or Barbell Triceps Extensions.

Lying Triceps Extensions work the muscle from the elbow to the rear deltoid, and are also great for developing the triceps muscles for straight-arm poses. One-Arm Triceps Extensions help develop the triceps so that they look good when you are doing biceps shots, with the fullness of the triceps muscles offsetting the peak of the biceps muscles. Lying Dumbbell Extensions work the outer head of the triceps to a greater degree, giving you the shape and thickness you need for total triceps development.

Your hand position make a difference in how an exercise affects the triceps. If you hold your hand so that the thumb is up, palm facing the inside, you work the outside of the triceps muscles, to a slightly greater degree, as when doing Triceps Pressdowns holding on to a rope rather than pressing down on a bar or performing Dumbbell Kickbacks. If you turn your hand so that the palm is facedown, as in a Triceps Pressdown, you put more stress on the inner part of the triceps muscles. If you twist your wrist, thumbs in and down, which is easiest when doing One-Arm Cable Triceps Pressdowns, you really hit the muscle a little bit differently.

Advanced training also involves supersetting, hitting the muscle with one exercise after another to develop size, strength, shape, and endurance. You need to work the upper and lower long, lateral, and medial heads. Adding on exercises is important only if you pursue them with the kind of intensity that forces the triceps muscles to continue to grow, no matter how advanced you become.

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