Triceps Muscle Training Tips

Triceps Muscle Training Tips

  • Start with each triceps muscle exercise with a warm-up, then add weight until you hit the weight that you use for your working sets. Typically this is a poundage that limits you to roughly 12 reps. We do 3-4 working sets with this weight.

  • Rest for no more than 60 seconds between sets. Try to hit the same number of reps on each set as you did on your first working set - typically 10-12.

  • Do three triceps muscle exercise per workout. Sometimes add a fourth - but not often. Short and sweet, that's all you need.

  • We are not a big fan of partial reps. We usually do them at the end of a set when we can no longer complete a full range rep. Started doing these because we didn't have a partner to help us with forced reps, but now we believe partial reps are better - after all, you don't get a stronger triceps muscle by having someone else hit the weight for you.

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