Triceps Cable Pressdown

Triceps Cable Pressdown

Triceps Cable Pressdown (Lat Machine Pressdown) : Work the triceps muscle through a full range of motion.

1) Hook a short bar to an overhead cable and pulley, stand close to the bar and grasp it with an overhand grip, hands about 10 inches apart. Keep your elbows locked in close to your body and stationary. Keep your whole body steady - don't cheat by leaning forward to press down with your body weight.

2) Press the bar down as far as possible, locking out your arms and feeling the triceps muscle contract fully. Release and let the bar come up as far as possible without moving your elbows.

For variety, you can vary your grip, the type of bar you use, how close you stand to the bar, or the width between your hands; or you can do a three-quarter movement, going from all the way up to three-quarters of the way down in order to work the lower triceps muscleS more directly.

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