Lying Triceps Extensions

Lying Triceps Extensions

Lying Triceps Extensions : Helps to develop triceps muscle all the way from elbow down to lats.

1) Sleep on a bench, your head slightly off the end with knees bent and feet on the bench. Hold a barbell (e-z curl bar) with an overhand grip, hands about shoulder width apart.

2) Press the weight up until your arms are locked out, but not straight up over your face. Instead, the weight should be behind the top of your head, with your triceps muscle doing the work of holding it there.

3) Keep your elbows stationary, lower the weight down past your forehead, then press it back up to the starting position, stopping short of the vertical to keep triceps muscle under the tension mode.

4) Control the weight at all times in this lying triceps extensions workout to avoid banging yourself on the head with the bar. When you are not able to do another rep, you can still force the triceps muscle to keep working by reaping out with some close grip presses.

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