Lateral Triceps Muscle

Lateral Triceps Muscles

Despite the relatively small mass of lateral triceps muscles even when well-developed, the lateral triceps has the potential, by virtue of its location and shape, to be one of the most impressive muscles in the upper body. When developed, it changes the contour and sweep of the arm, accentuating the appearance of width, strength and muscularity of the entire body. The sweep of forearms around flared lateral triceps heads to building deltoids speaks to the essence of bodybuilding aesthetics.

The lateral head of the triceps brachii originates on the back of the humerus (upper arm bone) from the middle of the bone to almost the very top. It inserts, along with the medial and long (inner) heads, on the olecranon process of the ulna bone of the forearm. The lateral triceps head, also called the outer head, develops easily in a few genetically gifted neuromuscular connection. For most of us, though, getting that lateral head to grow is a bear. It takes more than just lifting more weight, it takes working for feel and the ability to control - and thus maximize the involvement of - the lateral head triceps muscle.

In general, the medial and lateral heads are involved in the early and middle parts of the range of motion in elbow extension. The lateral head triceps muscles also generally takes a higher percentage of the load when the elbows are flared out to the sides rather than held against the body. Likewise, nuances of wrist position, including greater pronation and allowing the wrists to extend back at the end (peak position) of a rep, facilitate a maximal contraction of the entire lateral triceps muscle.

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